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Take the Lull by the Horns captures the thread of those employee experiences and lays claim to the idea that the competitive marketplace can ill afford less than engaged players. The expanding global market demands fresh ideas, new approaches and that creative spark that sits at the core of human behavior. It’s a journey in which I have seen some of the most profitable ideas come from employees who, once acknowledged, lit up the organizational universe like a bright star and reaffirmed their commitment to being something special, in a place where being special is celebrated.


The Lincoln Keller Mystery series was written as my tribute to Detroit and the African-American Private Investigator. I have always enjoyed reading mystery novels and the fictional detectives who put their lives on the line in pursuit of the truth.

There is a level of independence and self-confidence I have always found intriguing about these characters. I hope you enjoy meeting the ex-Oakland Raider, ex-cop turned Private Eye, Lincoln Keller. Silent Conspiracy was the first of the series, followed by Silent Suspicion. The soon-to-be third installment of the Lincoln Keller Mystery Series is called Silent Rage.

Lincoln Keller is a no-nonsense, take me as I am kind of guy. Yet, beneath the Teflon exterior an inquisitive and compassionate soul modestly helping those who knock on his door. Lincoln's one true love would be 'The Truth'. However, Lincoln's true love and his insatiable curiosity formed a bond that fuels his need to help those who seek his help, and those he is instinctively compelled to help. No matter the case, Lincoln knows the answered questions causes  freedom, peace of mind, and heartache for some, and for others an all inclusive paid trip to jail. 

If Lincoln Keller has an alter ego, it would be Dr. Garrison Brock. You can meet the protagonist Garrison in the short story, ‘A Small Matter’, published in Shades of Black: Crime and Mystery Stories by African-American Authors

Readers are introduced to retired FBI agent and criminologist, Dr. Garrison Brock, who is now the head of a small philanthropic foundation in Detroit. Using resources available to him by way of his agreement with certain federal sources, he is able to work on investigations that trigger his interest.

Welcome to my world and all its wonderful characters I hope you enjoy meeting Lincoln, Garrison, and the other characters in my stories.

Silent Conspiracy


Lincoln Keller makes his living being in places most people know nothing about.  As a former professional football player for the Oakland Raiders and as a police officer for the same California city, Lincoln Keller had seen and done things few people have.  And now, as a private investigator in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, he applies his unique expertise in human behavior in service to an eclectic list of clients.  He’s used to intrigue, deception, malice, action, beautiful women, and strange requests. And when one of those beautiful women hires him to track down five men who all disappeared at the same time forty years ago, the case sounds interesting. But dangerous?  Wouldn’t seem like it.  Together, the five young men in question formed a pre-Motown group called The Sentiments.  At one time in the mid Fifties, their incredible talent was setting the standards for the coming era of Detroit’s blossoming music industry.  The Sentiments were unquestionably on their way to the top.

But what happened on a warm, late summer night in 1955 that would cause The Sentiments to disappear?  Individually…as a group…suddenly gone. Why?

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Silent Suspicion


Lincoln Keller, returns in a story of intrigue, suspense and urban politics.  Prominent Circuit Judge Warren ‘War Zone’ Henderson hires Keller to investigate the eight-year old, unsolved murder of his sister-in-law Deborah Norris.  Keller reluctantly accepts the case and is slowly drawn into a carefully spun web of deceit. 


During the course of his investigation, Keller meets an assortment of compelling characters that direct and misdirect his efforts in order to mask a chilling secret.  The further he probes, the more he realizes that Deborah’s unfortunate death is not just a random occurrence, but a well designed plot


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Shades of Black - Short Story Contribution 'A Small Matter'


Dr. Garrison Brock is drawn to a local investigation of an unsolved homicide. The investigation takes place in a small city inside Detroit that has limited resources and growing budget concerns. The ‘Doctor’ steps in and what was once unknown reveals itself in small ways.


From Publisher:

"A dazzling collection of crime and mystery stories, Shades of Black is a landmark achievement. Bringing together today's brightest talent from the field-from Walter Mosley, "one of America's best mystery writers" (New York Times), to the late Hugh Holton, whose "gift for retaining suspense is golden" (Chicago Sun-Times)-it is the first anthology of African-American mystery writers. Shades of Black is not only a tribute to the art of storytelling-it's a fascinating foray into the rich and widely varied African-American experience.


Includes stories by: Frankie Y. Bailey - Jacqueline Turner Banks - Chris Benson - Eleanor Taylor Bland and Anthony Bland - Patricia E. Canterbury - Christopher Chambers - Tracy Clark - Evelyn Coleman - Grace F. Edwards - Robert Greer - Terris MacMahan Grimes - Gar Anthony Haywood - Hugh Holton - Geri Spencer Hunter - Dicey Scroggins Jackson - Glenville Lovell - Penny Mickelbury - Walter Mosley - Percy Spurlark Parker - Gary Phillips - Charles Shipps"


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